the ease of web design

rayngap.pngThis CMS allows you to freely design your website without having to write a line of code. rayngap is extremely flexible and offers all possibilities directly in-site. Of course, knowledge of conventional web design is an advantage, but even absolute web design newbies will achieve fantastic results in no time. Thereby rayngap is provided as freeware under the GPL License. The only thing you invest is time.


privileges and groups
rayngap is designed multilingual from scratch. This is for the administration interface as well as any content you create for your project.   Distribute privileges to registered users and create groups of users for different topics. This allows every site visitor to see the content that applies to them.
menu builder
Even if rayngap comes with some prebuilt themes, one will want to bring his own touch to the space. For this, a comprehensive style editor brings all the styling options onto the top without coding. And in addition, themes can be copied, exported and imported to freely share.    An extensive menu builder lets one create any combination of content-, link- and function targeted menu, also with lots of styling and presentation options. Even dynamically built menues based on content criteria are possible.
media manager
Whatever is to create, edit and modify, rayngap is doing it the visual way. All can be reached from the management menu inside the site. Especially the style editor shows all modifications in real time.   An explorer-like interface, accessible from everywhere needed makes it extremely easy to manage all your media. Easy drag and drop, also for uploads, and an upload filter to protect your photo portfolio brings productivity to your site.


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